Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you looking for someone who can help you improve the bottom line of your business and minimize your business and personal taxes?

Right now, the majority of businesses who are still operating are focusing on pivoting from their traditional business model, to accommodate the new economy and in the process, streamline their legacy systems.

Let us help plan and manage your personal and business finances.

Join us to learn how to proactively plan for your company’s future. Grow your business with our team of Associates, and allow us to provide you with a tailored experience from our professional team.

Some common concerns we hear are:

      • I am looking for someone who can deal with the Canada Revenue Agency for me.
      • I am looking for someone to help me report to the Bank for financing
      • I am looking for an advisor who can help me pivot my business activities using online tools.
      • I am looking for an advisor who can help me streamline my accounting processes.

Our team of dedicated professional Associates is in place to ensure that your needs are met. We analyze the situation and develop the best possible solutions to maximize your gains for the future. We provide you the confidence of working with an experienced team.

We develop well-structured strategies for: Corporate and personal taxes, business plans and financing, as well as bookkeeping, financial statements preparation including audits and review engagements.

An effective tax strategy ensures you are not paying more tax than necessary, allowing you to put more funds back into growing your business.

We provide tax solutions for small, medium and large businesses, some examples include: income taxes, GST/HST, PST (provincial sales tax), payroll taxes, and excise taxes. We review all facets of your business to minimize your overall tax exposure.

Our leading objective at the AndersonBronsch Team of Romanovsky & Associates LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants is to foster the best possible working and learning environment. We strive to create positive relationships with our clients, recognizing their perceptions of urgency and preferences, understand their expectations, and respond consistently with the highest possible level of service. This is done predominantly through personal interaction with our team of Associates.

We understand the importance of having your tax, business planning, and business financing handled by a reliable and capable team.

Having a dependable accounting firm, that has your back is an absolute must have with today’s convoluted rules & regulations.

    • Our firm will walk you through the setup process with a clear and confident plan based on your business needs.
    • We will dedicate and commit time to ensure you feel supported in all the areas we’re currently servicing for you.
    • We specialize in dealing with the details. We bring clarity to a complex situation.
    • Our team takes pride in developing strategies built around your specific needs.
    • Our goal is to earn your trust and confidence through our efforts working alongside you.

This is NOT your ordinary accounting firm.

We aim to develop a trusting and truthful relationship with our clients. Our team will work with you on a hands-on basis. We prioritize taking the time to learn your business.

  • Who Is This NOT For?

We can NOT help you if…

    • Your business has invested in building a team which already has all the financial resources you need.
    • You are not looking to leverage your current financial systems
    • Your business already has sufficient internal tax resources.
    • You are someone who does not own a business or works as an executive (Entrepreneurs of all kinds are welcome though!)
    • Your business is not looking to improve your current accounting & tax management
  • Who Is This For?

We WILL help you if….

    • You have never utilized a system to take care of your tax and accounting.
    • Your business is pivoting and will require external tools to help manage your accounting & tax needs
    • Your business is looking to improve your current accounting & tax management.
    • You are looking to gain peace of mind around your accounting by removing it from internal management
    • You have an outdated or underutilized bookkeeping system