With the beginning of a new year, many businesses and business owners take this as an opportunity to set new goals for the business and themselves. While ‘new year’s resolutions’ rarely succeed, goal setting and achieving is a common trait of successful businesses. As professional accountants, we know that “what gets measured, gets managed.” This is not just us saying this. Research done by Dr. Gail Matthews, Psychology Professor from the Dominican University of California (https://www.dominican.edu/news/news-listing/dominican-ranked-top-15-nationwide-best-colleges) states:

People who write down their goals are 20% more successful in accomplishing them than those who did not. People who set actionable tasks for their goals and initiate weekly progress reporting tend to achieve their goals 40% more than those who did not.

A leadership consultant we work with, The Strong Impact Academy, helps owners reflect, develop, and create a process for following through on goals. Having an objective party to hold someone accountable improves the likelihood of success. As a referral partner, Strong Impact Academy is offering the clients of AndersonBronsch Team of Romanvosky & Associates LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants and Chartered Accountants a discount to the goal setting course called “Goal Digger – Goal Achieving System Course”. Clients of our CPA – CA accounting firm based in Edmonton can take this course for $97 (that’s $100 off) using the coupon code ABTeam2022 until January 31st. You can find more details here. https://www.strongimpactacademy.com/product/goal-digger-quenza/ If you’d prefer not to buy online or want more information, please call Lissa Daub at The Strong Impact Academy at 780-237-6733.

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