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Tax Facts And Figures
  Income Tax, GST, Accounting, Financial Statements, Consulting     
Tax Dates
Personal Tax Rates
Corporate Tax Rates
Integrated Tax Rates
Prescribed Rates
CPP And EI Rates
Automobile Limits
Auto Allowance Rates
Automobile Benefits
Treasury Board Allowances
Fairness Provisions
Operating Cost
Non-Capital Losses
Capital Gains Rates
Retiring Allowance
RRIF Withholdings
Special Work Sites


Tax Facts And Figures


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Some Important Dates For Tax


Approximate Personal Income Tax Rates In Alberta


Approximate Corporate Tax Rates For Corporations In Alberta


Approximate Integrated Income Tax Rates In Alberta


Prescribed Interest Rates (CRA rates for taxes owing, refunds owing, benefits)


CPP, EI Rates (rates for payroll deductions)


Automobile Limits (limit on deducting automobile expenses for a business)


Automobile Allowance Rates (limit set by CRA for employee tax-free allowances)


Automobile Benefits (Operating Cost and Standby Charge calculation)


Operating Cost Benefit Rates (rates for employee use of an employer owned vehicle)


Treasury Board Policy for Allowances (limits set by the Treasury Board)


Fairness Provisions (Fairness from CRA)


Non-Capital Losses Carry Forward/Back


Capital Gains and Capital Losses Rates (historical rates)


Retiring Allowance Limits (amounts available for RRSP rollover to retiring employees)


RRSP Limits (amounts you can contribute to your RRSP)


RRIF Withholding Information


Special And Remote Work Sites (Tax-Free Allowances For Meals, Lodging, And Transportation)


CCA Classes (Link to CRA website)








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