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Our Purpose
  Income Tax, GST, Accounting, Financial Statements, Consulting     

   Our Purpose   




To provide an internet based resource centre for business which integrates professional technical information with practical business information, advice and solutions for your Canadian based business. Operating a business is a complex endeavour and it requires the assistance of experienced professionals to help ensure the success of your business. 


We also provide a wide variety of professional services to the public in association with Romanovsky & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants. Click HERE for more.


Our Accounting Firm

Alberta CPA, Keith M.J. Anderson Professional Corporation, Bcom, CPA, CA, CITP Chartered Professional Accountant - in association with Romanovsky & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants - is a full service accounting Firm in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our practice is focused on the needs of the small business corporation and owner-manager businesses. We have been in business for over 25 years and we excel on exceeding our client expectations. As Business Advisors, we integrate all aspects of operating a successful business including the areas of taxation, business management, finance, marketing and accounting into our development of proactive advice to our clients. 

Our Business Philosophy

Each client is unique and deserves individual attention. We are always available to answer client questions, whether simple or complex. We are in partnership with our clients, their success is our success. We believe in the value of being Business Advisors, not just Accountants. 

Our Clients

Our Firm has clients all over Western Canada including BC and Saskatchewan. We even have clients as far away as Ontario. Even though our office is in Edmonton, our clients continue to stay with us even if their business ventures take them out of Edmonton. We have a diverse client base with representation from most industries including oil and gas service and supply, construction, retail, software development, medical, legal, and dental practices. 


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