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Sales Forecasting
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Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is the process of organizing and analyzing information in a way that makes it possible to estimate what your sales will be. This is an essential step in preparing a business plan. This document outlines some simple methods of forecasting sales using easy to find data. Books containing simple and sophisticated techniques of forecasting sales can be found in libraries and business oriented bookstores. If you sell more than one type of product or service, prepare a separate sales forecast for each service or product group. There are many sources of information to assist with your sales forecast. Some key sources are:

  1. Competitors

  2. Neighbouring Businesses

  3. Trade suppliers

  4. Downtown business associations

  5. Trade associations

  6. Trade publications

  7. Trade directories

  8. Statistics Canada


A Chartered Professional Accountant can help you prepare Sales Forecasts. Contact Keith Anderson, BCom, CPA, CA-IT, CITP at (780) 447-5830 if you need advice. 



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