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Cash Flow


Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business.  It cannot be ignored, especially in the early periods of starting a new business where positive cash flow is essential. Even in established businesses, cash flow considerations can play a major part in ongoing strategic planning. A comprehensive cash flow analysis takes into account ongoing expenditures such as payroll and supply purchases as well as periodic large cash expenditures for asset purchases.  For cash receipts, it contemplates regular cash collections on outstanding receivables and periodic financing tools, such as debt or share sales. Most businesses fail, not because the ideas were not sound, but because cash flow problems prevented the idea from reaching fruition. Preparing a cash flow statement is an essential step in preparing a business plan.


A Chartered Professional Accountant can help you prepare cash flow statements. Contact Keith Anderson, BCom, CPA, CA-IT, CITP at (780) 447-5830 if you need advice. 



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Consider Your Cash Receipts

Consider Your Cash Disbursements

Putting it all Together: Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements

Making the Best Use of Your Cash Flow

Designing a Cash Flow Worksheet  





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