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My Account
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Did You Know


That the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) lists information related to your personal taxes for each taxpayer under a service called My Account?

With My Account you can see information about your:

  1. tax refund and balance owing
  2. RRSP, Home Buyers' Plan, and Lifelong Learning Plan
  3. income tax and benefit returns
  4. current-year tax return assessment
  5. reassessed tax returns
  6. account balance and payments on filing
  7. instalments
  8. detailed statement of account
  9. Canada Child Tax Benefit and related provincial and territorial programs payments, account balance and statement of account
  10. GST/HST credit and related provincial programs payments, account balance, and statement of account
  11. addresses and telephone numbers

My Account will continue to grow, and you will be able to:

  1. see a copy of your income tax and benefit returns
  2. see your direct deposit information
  3. make changes to your income tax return





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