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Keith Anderson BCom, CPA, CA-IT, CITP Chartered Professional Accountant in association with the Edmonton based firm of Romanovsky & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants

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I provide typical services of a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant including tax planning, corporate and personal income tax, financial statement preparation, business services such as valuations and financing proposals, business plans, cash-flow and other projections, financial statement audits and review engagements. 


I also provide business, tax, and IT advice and information. One of the most important aspects of a professional business advisor is being able to integrate formal training in areas such as taxation, accounting, marketing, economics, personnel and planning into the practical world of the current business environment. Integration implies not only finding relevant technical issues, but applying relevant and practical solutions to these issues.


My name is Keith Anderson, BCom, CPA, CAIT, CITP Chartered Professional Accountant and CA and AICPA Designated Information Technology Professional. This site is dedicated to the concept of integrating professional technical information with practical business advice and solutions.

Question : What is a CAIT, CITP - a CA and AICPA designated IT Professional?

A CAIT, CITP is a CA, CPA who brings a business-oriented approach to IT strategy and implementation, who applies business acumen, strategic insight and understanding of IT to help organizations succeed. Click HERE for more.

 I can be reached at:


Romanovsky & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants


10260 112 Street

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

T5K 1M4


Phone             (780) 447-5830

Cell                 (780) 906-2223

Office Fax      (780) 451-6291


Email              keith@albertacpa.com



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