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Marketing Startup
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Startup Checklist




  1. Does your product or service fill a real market need?

  2. Have you specifically defined the market segment for your product or service?

  3. Is this market segment large enough to support your business at start-up and for the long term?

  4. Are you able to truly differentiate your business from your competition?

  5. Does your product or service offer advantages over those of competitors?

  6. Does this market have good potential for future growth?

  7. Do geographical, environmental, or regulatory factors limit this market?

  8. Will this market be affected by demographic changes in the future?

  9. Will competitors affect your share of this market?

  10. Is the market accessible through existing advertising media at an affordable cost?

  11. Have you determined how you will promote your products?

  12. Have you determined which advertising media are most suitable?

  13. Have you determined what selling methods and techniques to use?

  14. Have you developed pricing that is appropriate for the market and for your costs? Do you know what your break even point is or will be?

  15. Have you determined the best methods of distributing your product in this market?

  16. Have you chosen a location accessible to a good market for your product/service?

  17. Do potential customers live close to this location?

  18. Is there sufficient automobile and pedestrian traffic here to support your business?

  19. Are there competitors close to this location?

  20. Can you ship products easily from this location via truck, train, air or ship?


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