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Human Resouces Startup
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Startup Checklist


Human Resources


  1. Have you prepared and determined qualifications and specifications for each position that must be filled?

  2. Have you prepared full job descriptions for key positions in the organization?

  3. Do you know how to find the people you need to fill these positions?

  4. What additional employees will be hired in the event of growth?

  5. Have you given thought to the practices and methods you will use to hire/fire employees? Are they legal?

  6. Are you familiar with the Employment Standards Code?

  7. Have you established policies on wages and salaries, such as but not limited to when raises are given, how often employees are paid, how much vacation is earned and when taken?

  8. Have you made decisions on employee benefits, including pensions, group insurance, profit-sharing, etc.?

  9. Have you developed a method for evaluating your employees' performance?

  10. Do you have the skills to lead and motivate your employees?

  11. Have you established a corporate philosophy that is basic enough for your employees to follow?

  12. Can you communicate effectively with employees? If not, can you develop this skill?

  13. Are the employees you need available at this location?



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