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Financing Startup
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Startup Checklist


Financing and Financial


  1. Have you determined your potential return on investment in this business? Is it an acceptable figure?

  2. Have you determined what your break even point is or will be?

  3. Have you determined the amount of capital you need to start the business?

  4. Have you determined how much of this capital you can raise on your own?

  5. Have you enough ready cash to pay your bills during the early months?

  6. Have you allowed for monthly operating expenses in your financial planning? (rent, utilities, etc.)

  7. Have you considered property and business taxes? Are they reasonable now and will they increase in future?

  8. Have you allowed for a reasonable income for yourself?

  9. Have you determined your borrowing requirements for start-up and the first year?

  10. Have you completed a projected balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow for the first year of operation?

  11. Have you established a credit rating?




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