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We provide a full range of services to businesses, not for profits, and individuals including income tax returns, tax compliance, tax planning, financial statements, audit and review engagements, bookkeeping, GST, choosing and implementing accounting software, help starting a new business, business valuations, financing, corporate reorganizations, business consulting, and business management.


Edmonton Office


10260 112 Street

First Floor

Edmonton, AB T5K1M4


Cell: 780.906.2223

Email: keith@albertacpa.com

Main: 780.447.5830


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Keith M.J. Anderson Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA), CITP Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Keith M.J. Anderson, BCom, CPA, CA·IT, CITP

CA and AICPA IT Professional 


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In Association with the Chartered Accounting Firm of Romanovsky & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Click HERE for more details.




Who We Are        



Our Accounting Firm

Keith Anderson Chartered Accountant and Chartered Professional Accountant CPA CA CITP - in association with the accounting firm of Romanovsky & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants LLP, an Edmonton Chartered Accounting Firm | 25+ Years with over 60 Professional Staff.

We are a full service accounting Firm with a practice focusing on the needs of Business, Not For Profits, and Individuals. We integrate all aspects of operating a successful business including the areas of taxation, business management, finance, marketing and accounting into our development of proactive advice to our clients. 

Our Business Philosophy

Each client is unique and deserves individual attention. We are always available to answer client questions, whether simple or complex. We are in partnership with our clients, their success is our success. We believe in the value of being Business Advisors, not just Accountants. 

Our Clients

Our Firm has clients all over Western Canada including BC and Saskatchewan. We even have clients as far away as Ontario. Even though our office is in Edmonton, our clients continue to stay with us even if their business ventures take them out of Edmonton. We have a diverse client base with representation from most industries including oil and gas service and supply, construction, retail, software development, medical, legal, and dental practices. 

Our Services

  1. Corporate Income Tax. The Income Tax Act of Canada is a complex legislative document with many tax planning opportunities and even more tax vulnerabilities. We will help your company navigate the tax confusion and ensure the combined personal and corporate taxes you pay are minimized.

  2. Starting A New Business. Whether you want to incorporate or not, starting a new business can be intimidating. Laws, regulations, and taxation issues are too numerous and complex for the average person to deal with. We can help by providing start-up advice and information. Whether you are just thinking about starting a new business, or have operated for a short time, we can help steer your business in the right direction.

  3. Improving An Existing Business. Any business can be improved - sometimes it just takes an external professional to identify weaknesses or to improve on strengths. We have extensive experience in most types of businesses and we offer consulting services to improve your profitability and minimize your taxes.

  4. Personal Income Tax. Whether you have a corporation, proprietorship, or other business interest, everyone individual has to file a personal income tax return. We will help you navigate the tax confusion to ensure tax planning opportunities are effectively utilized and and tax pitfalls are avoided.

  5. Tax Planning. We work with our clients to ensure that proactive steps are taken to ensure that a healthy balance between profitability and tax minimization results. Each client has different needs and goals. Using our extensive tax experience, we make sure that a tax plan is tailored to each client to meet their unique needs. Whether a client has a proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or other tax entity, we will exceed client expectations.

  6. Estate And Financial Planning. Part of a proactive tax plan is ensuring clients maximize their lifetime tax-effective savings so that they are comfortable in their retirement years. We can project and plan so our clients realize their retirement goals.

  7. Business Valuations. Whether you need to reorganize the ownership structure of an existing business to introduce new shareholders, or value a business for sale or purchase, we can help determine the appropriate value of the business.

  8. Business Financing. When trying to finance a business, whether through equity (shareholder loans or new shareholders) or through debt (bank financing or other debt instruments), we can advise on the proper mixture and terms to ensure your business is successful. Our accounting firm has established excellent contacts within the banking, venture capital and secondary financing communities. This provides our clients access to financial growth, expansion and new ventures. These relationships have enabled clients to purchase new entities or sell their existing operations with financing arranged by us for the purchaser. Our accounting firm is invited to ongoing presentations dealing with entities looking to provide financing in areas of current interest.

  9. Corporate Tax Reorganizations. Part of a proactive tax plan is ensuring a proper corporate structure is in place. Structure is very important in minimizing taxes and meeting the financial needs of clients. We have extensive experience in the taxation area and can guide your business to a tax efficient structure.

  10. Business Advice and Consulting. We have extensive knowledge and experience with all types of businesses. We can help steer the course to make your business a success.

  11. Computer and IT Consulting. Whether you are looking at computer hardware or software, we have the experience to guide your business through the maze of alternatives. We are mindful that often the best solutions integrate a healthy balance between cost and functionality.

  12. Business Plans. We can assist you with the preparation of business plans, financial projections, and cash flows, and advise on tax planning alternatives in your business plan. We can further assist with helping to arrange the necessary financing with regard to your business ventures through our close working relationships with most major financial institutions.

  13. Strategic Planning. We can assist your business in planning for future operations and the direction you want to take your business. Planning involves assessing where you want to be, when you want to be there, what resources you have and what resources you need to get there. Critical to strategic planning is ensuring the elements of a business plan are in place including financing, marketing, IT, and tax planning.

  14. Review Engagement Financial Statements. Designed to bridge the financial reporting gap when interested third parties require financial statements that they can place reliance on. We are proficient in the review process and are interested in the integrity of financial information.

  15. Audit Engagement Financial Statements. We have the staff and expertise required to perform an audit which includes examination of evidence supporting the amounts reported or disclosed in the financial statements. As Auditors, we assess the accounting principles used by the enterprise and significant estimates made by management.

  16. Accounting Services. To keep you on top of your business and one step ahead of your competitors, you need timely and accurate financial information. Our monthly accounting services can give you this and more.




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